LH Family, 

For the last five years, Pasadena has been a mobile campus meeting in the AACo school facilities, and it’s been incredible! Our hope has always been to find a permanent location for our Pasadena community, and while we have continuously searched over the last several years, we have not had any success. Because of the pandemic, the county school system has currently suspended all outside gatherings indefinitely. Due to these restrictions, we will not be able to go back to our Pasadena campus at this time.

In light of this new season, after much prayer from the Elders and Pastors, we have decided to have our Pasadena and Glen Burnie communities join together. To our Pasadena family, our hope and prayer would be for you to attend and serve at LH Glen Burnie as we continue to navigate this transition. If you are willing to serve at LH GB, Laura Blake, our Connections Director will be reaching out to you with the details, so please be sure to respond. With this transition, effective immediately, DJ Swick will become our Glen Burnie Community Pastor. This move will also allow Pastor TC to concentrate his efforts on the Catonsville community. We still believe Jesus has called us to Pasadena for a reason, and we will continue to serve the Pasadena community with outreach projects and pop-up events as Jesus leads us. We know Jesus is going to use our efforts to build His Church. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at any time.

LH Elders