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The Blessing Of Letting Go


Remain In Jesus And Bear Fruit

Renew Your Mind Daily

Repent And Choose Jesus Over Yourself

Realize That Jesus Is The Lord Over Your Life


How To Be A Disciple

Things The Bible Never Said

Growing Healthy

Connecting With God

How To Be A Disciple

Part 1: What Is A Disciple?

Part 2: Why Should I?

Part 4: Be With Jesus

Part 5: Become Like Jesus

Part 6: Do What Jesus Does

Things the Bible Never Said

Part 1: "Only God Can Judge Me"

Part 2: "God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle"

Part 3: "Follow Your Heart"

Part 4: "God Wants You Happy"

Part 5: "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves"

Growing Healthy

Part 2: Faithful

Part 3: Repentant

Part 4: Understanding

Part 5: Intentional

Part 6: Tested

Connecting With God

Part 2: Approachability of God

Part 6: The Wonders of the Holy Spirit

Part 7: Practical Steps